A Widower’s Story – Conclusion

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She had a Golden Retriever, named Max. As they sat across from each other, sipping wine at her favorite Italian restaurant, he realized their profiles had gone beautifully together. He loved dogs too, and he shared with her that his favorite was the German Shepard. She shook her head yes, and said, “They’re so intelligent!” Neither one of them liked cats.

Caroline was a thin woman, with gray streaks in her hair (which he absolutely loved), and this was their first date together. Grace, the office receptionist, had helped him through the agonizing process of writing about himself, and submitting the profile, for online dating. Now it was all worth it though, looking into Caroline’s amazing, smiling face.

It was her first date in years, after losing her husband in a car accident, but they were both trying to put the pain of the past behind them, trying to discover a new life, trying to make sense of it all. Caroline said, “I know I don’t need a love right now…..I mean not like a teenager type love…. but don’t we all need to be loved?” “Don’t we need a sense of belonging?” William understood completely, and added, “Yes, and for me the loneliness has been unbearable!” She jumped in with, “Yes! That’s exactly what I mean.”

He had the baked ziti, but as soon as he saw her plate of lasagna he wished he had ordered the same. “Would you like some?” she said. He tried it, and it was wonderful. They spent the evening talking about their hobbies. His were sailing and dogs, and she loved dogs, horses, and quilting. “Quilting?” he asked. She just smiled and said, “Yes I make them.” For a second he thought of her making quilts, and then in bed, wrapped in a quilt, but then he pushed those thoughts aside.

He took her home, and when they got to the door, she invited him in. He hesitated. She said, “I want to show you my quilts.” He was nervous but said yes. Fortunately, Max loved him right away, which for her, was a good sign. He was thinking, was this an invitation? Everything these days was so complicated. It was just seeing her quilts though, and in a way he was relieved. Caroline made them both some decaf coffee.

When it was time to leave he said, “May I kiss you?” (always the gentleman) She nodded yes, and as their lips met, tears welled up in their eyes, and began streaming down their faces. They had to stop. It was the first time……well the first time……since their spouses had passed away, that they had kissed anyone. “Emotions!” she said. He just nodded, too choked up to say anything.

It was a good sign though……..it was a very good sign, indeed.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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      1. You’re welcome, Nico. I want you to know that I’ve appreciated and responded to your comments on my blog. There seems to be a problem with notices going out, but WordPress is working on it now. Peace and blessings.

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