The Last People on Earth – The Gentle People

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It was official now, the language of the New Earth would be French. As the people of the village sat around the kitchen table, they were relieved that the 2 hour discussion was over.  Each of them felt good about it, including Jeremiah, even though the only French word he knew was “merci”. Well that wasn’t entirely true, Miriam had taught him a few words, but that cannot be discussed here.

As Jeremiah served everyone pound cake with blueberries, he privately worried about English becoming extinct. But the sounds of French, were so much more beautiful, and he knew it was the right decision to make. Jennifer had taken four years of French, and Cathy had learned some of the language from her mother. The Inuit, and Roger and Monique were fluent in it, so it was only Jeremiah that needed to start from the beginning. He was even willing to put his lessons in Amharic on hold. Could he learn two languages at once?

The crisp fall days were shorter now. The hills of Pennsylvania were alive with fall colors. After filling 6 freezers full of food, and canning more than three hundred jars of fruits and vegetables, the village and people were beginning to slow down, ready for the promise of rest. Firewood was collected though, just in case the electricity went out. Anuniaq and Jeremiah were busy loading the mangled pickup truck several times a day, with all the loose wood they could find. According to satellite images, several large cities had gone dark, as power grids began to fail. The cities included New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Something good was taking place within Cathy. She was drawn to Anhah and they would often spend hours together, walking, warming themselves by the fire, and speaking in French (Cathy was trying at least). Anhah treated her as a daughter, and loved teaching Cathy about herbs, and traditional medicine.

And Cathy was beginning to notice Anuniaq. She had never met a more gentle man. She felt safe around him, and even though he was quiet, she was beginning to know him as a source of strength and gentleness. Could a man be strong and gentle at the same time? Anuniaq was. She was not in love, but she was considering it for the first time, in a very long time.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

10 thoughts on “The Last People on Earth – The Gentle People

    1. Wow, you are the only one to ask. So your question is a huge blessing. Pam, this is my most favorite and longest running fiction series. I need to work on it more as a book, even if it is small. I left the possibility open on the last one, but most people will not remember the characters now, so I will consider perhaps a smaller version with a few of the characters. Thanks again! Peace.

      1. There is so much more that could happen, years. I would like it to continue. I’ll buy the book! (or series of books!) You could run it again in the new year . . .?

      2. You have made my day! Your comments are soooo encouraging. Alright, I am starting to think about the plot already. The new year is an excellent idea! Peace.

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