The Guardian – Conclusion

Woods 2015 012

Still on their knees, Heather and Jason began holding each other. Somehow the Guardian, a tree shape made of leaves, was not menacing, but both Heather and Jason knew instinctively, they were not where they were supposed to be. The Guardian grew some small branches, almost like arms, and its face became more clear. Was that sympathy in her eyes?

“You have taken a wrong turn, that is for certain.” she said. Heather asked, “Where are we?” The Guardian responded with, “You are in between time, neither here nor there.” Rather than talk in riddles the Guardian explained that Heather and Jason had stepped through a time portal. “We keep the portals well hidden, deep in the earth’s forests, so that this does not happen.” She continued with a sigh, “But sometimes there are travelers that are destined to lose their way.”

Jason asked, “Destined?” The Guardian explained, “Yes you have been chosen in a way, to travel to another place and time, and you will even be given choices.” Heather panicked and asked, “Can’t we just go back home?” The Guardian looked sad now, and her branches hung low. “I’m sorry but no, that portal has closed, and will not open again for two hundred years.

The Guardian was sympathetic but made it clear that their time was short. She gave Heather and Jason the following choices for where they could live:

12th century Saxony, a time of war and death but also a time of magic, mythology, and possibilities.

North America in the 1400’s. A pristine earth with only a few of the First Nations people living there.

England in the 1860’s. A terrible time for the poor, but a reformation was taking place. And the culture was not far from their own.

Germany in the year 2155. Sickness had been made extinct, but emotions had also been suppressed. Love between two people was only read about.

They had only ten minutes to decide.


Which one should they choose? If given the choice where would you go? Would you stay here?


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

8 thoughts on “The Guardian – Conclusion

    1. Ah, great choice! It would be a hard decision but my top two here are North America in the 1400’s and England in the 1860’s. I seem to identify with both.

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