An Interview with the Sky


So one day just before Christmas, a reporter was given the opportunity to ask the Sky one question, only one. Before they met, the reporter thought long and hard about this, as she waited in a large room. There was light everywhere. Once the reporter told the angels she was ready, she was transported into the clouds.

The reporter could not see anyone, but she was brave and asked her question. It was the one she had often pondered, so she asked, “Will there ever be peace on earth?”

The Sky did not hesitate and answered with the sound of soft thunder, “That is up to you, and all the people living on the earth……everyone could have peace now, if they truly wanted it…..” The reporter sighed and hung her head, realizing the Sky was right.

The Sky continued with a slight irritation, “If there is no peace created by humanity, then my brother Earth and I will have no choice……but to bring an end to all things.” “One way or another, there will be peace.”

For a brief moment, the reporter saw storm clouds surrounding her and rumbling with fury. Lightning was sparking and crackling. Suddenly two angels appeared, one on each side of her, and she instinctively felt it was time to leave.

She woke up yelling, sitting straight up in her bed. Was it all a dream? And then she noticed, that she was fully clothed, and laying on the top of her bed. She looked down, and a large single white feather lay by her side. And then she knew it was not a dream, after all.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”


16 thoughts on “An Interview with the Sky

  1. Wonderful story Nico. It feels like a story one should cozy up to the fire place and hear… Even though Christmas wasn’t mentioned. It felt like a Christmas story. Nicely done Nico🤗

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