The Holidays

Oceans 2200

We need this holiday season, I’m convinced of it. And it’s ok to have a season of celebration, even though many say, they wish it was shorter! Many of us have said that this season is too commercial, too money driven, and that the original meaning of Christmas is lost. Yes that is true, but is there anything wrong with promoting peace on earth, with a sense of joy and hope? No, of course not.

Maybe we should scale back, spending less on us, and giving more in alms to the poor. Maybe we should serve meals at a homeless shelter. And yes, there is the need for us to rest, and pull back our own sense of busyness. Contemplating our own lives, loving our neighbor, and thinking about the upcoming year are always good!

And the world is multicultural, not everyone celebrates Christmas. Diwali and Chanukah were just recently celebrated, and at the end of the year is Kwanzaa. I love cultures, and you can see that in my writing. I think it’s time we as Christians stop worrying about what we think has been diluted, or taken away, especially with Christmas. We need to accept our brothers and sisters of different faiths, and those who have no faith. Why? Because that is what the Creator does. Let’s follow His example.

When we love people, we give them hope.

Best wishes for a wonderful and peaceful holiday season!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

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