A Conversation with the Sky

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So it was New Years Day, and the somewhat older blogger, (ok no snickering here please) stomped off into the woods, to talk to the Sky. He reached a tree stump and sat down.

As he looked up, he had frustration in his voice and said, “Ok listen, I have no fire in my pen, or my laptop, and I have no idea what to write!” Still looking up he continued, “I need something fresh and inspiring!” “It’s a new year!” “Is there any word from heaven?”

The Sky hesitated and sighed, but finally said, “Just be yourself, the one I’ve created.” “I’ve told you this before.” It was a soft rebuke but a rebuke nonetheless. Not receiving these words, the blogger shook his head no and said, “I knew it!” “You’re no help….”

He started to leave, and walked down the path he had walked, so many times before. The Sky spoke once more, “Listen, why don’t you learn how to relax for Pete’s sake……..it is a holiday after all.”

And with that, the somewhat older blogger did relax. The Sky had once more taught him an important lesson. He still didn’t know what to write, but at least he now had a peace about it. Later, he realized that he did have something to write, he just hadn’t done it yet.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


28 thoughts on “A Conversation with the Sky

    1. Haha! Thank you Natalie! You are awesome. Thank you for all of your wonderful encouragement this past year! I’m looking forward to more of your great posts in 2016! Peace to you.

  1. A great reminder to stop and relax! I’ve been feeling useless and uninspired these past few days off… But then I realized maybe I just have to rest and do nothing and that’s just what I did today… Took a few naps. ate good food, had a drink and watched movies and that’s ok! 😊

    1. Yes it is ok! Naps and movies are the best, and can work wonders for us! Thank you Bella. He will inspire you at the right moment, in the mean time enjoy your rest and time off. Peace to you and Happy New Year!

  2. It comes in waves. There are days when inspiration pours like rain. In those moments I can create at least 5 drafts. Of those 5 one or two will pretty much write themselves to near perfection (not much editing needed). So on slow writing days, I have drafts to polish to fill in the gaps. And so I’ve learned to just roll with it .

    Like the sky said, “relax”. You’ll be just fine. Great post.

  3. OH wow this is so wonderful. I just said this to Gigi about relaxing and resting! I’ve been on vacation and literally didn’t do a thing but rest and I started to feel guilty then I think of all the work I did all year and my girl’s health and I realize no wonder I’m always so tired but now at least I have the energy to visit some blogs. I haven’t been doing that lately. So here I am and this confirms what I felt the sky saying to me too! Shut thee up, Sit thee down and rest thy self! 😀 Well something like that not all that Thee and Thy but I like to say it that way! Happy New Year my friend. This was very fresh and a wonderful start for 2016~ Yay~

    1. MichelleMarie it is so good to hear from you! May you and your family be so blessed this coming year that thy hearts will not be able to contain thy joy! Isn’t King James language so neat? Still praying for good health for you all. Peace and thank you for your wonderful friendship! You are a great blessing to so many.

      1. AWE thank you Nic I feel the same way about you! I love that kind of talk. I speak that way and people laugh but they sure pay attention because they never know if I’m serious! 😀 You are a wonderful blessing! I sure love your profile pic! That’s some peace right there! 😀

      1. OH yes I love that so much and I agree with you! I’m sitting here in my jammies still! I don’t feel one bit guilty however, I am out of coffee so that’s not good! 😀 Happy New Year my friend!

      2. Lol…isn’t it funny that we need coffee (a simulant) to relax? We humans are so good at doing the opposite of what we need. Me included. I’m a 3 cup a day gal myself who’s also in bed resting up after all the fun with family the past couple days. Enjoy your day of rest. Hugs 🙂

  4. It is january 7 when I am reading this post. It sounds perfect for a start of new year. I remember one of my university teacher before starting his lecture used to say
    “Relax, take a deep breath” ..
    So, yes a little bit of relaxtion is necessary

    1. Yes it is! And for our inspiration we can trust in Him, that He will lead us. Peace to you Madeeha! By the way your new gravatar image is very interesting. It reminds me of British literature.

      1. Indeed, without any help from God we can’t do anything and thank you for your feedback on my gravatar image. You’re right it do give a sense of British literature and may be that was the reason I chose it (:

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