Winter Trees

Winter Trees 001

I went walking in the woods yesterday, (yes it was cold) and I was amazed at the lighting and lines of the trees. Here are a few samples. I think next time I will try black and white. There is a short poem at the end.

Winter Trees 003

Winter Trees 005

Pretending to be dead but very much alive,

their roots cannot be defeated, breathing

through the soil, waiting for the right time

to burst with life and color, and air

for us to breathe.


Writing, Poetry and Images ยฉ Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

โ€œWhen we love people, we give them hope.โ€

26 thoughts on “Winter Trees

  1. This is beautiful Nicodemas! I enjoy admiring the trees as well. Beautiful poetry to compliment the photos…

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