The Balloon Ride – Conclusion


When they got to 100 ft. the wind picked up, and gently shook the basket. Casey yelled, “Oh my God!” “Oh, I can’t do this…..take it down……take it down!” George yelled something unintelligible into the walkie-talkie, and the crew below began to pull in the ropes. The balloon began to descend to 50 ft. It wasn’t until later that George explained that flying freely, without the ropes, would have been much smoother because of a lack of resistance.

Once they were at 50 ft. Casey was stunned at how beautiful the landscape was, and how it looked so different. “This is so beautiful.”, she said. She asked George if he was a tech full-time and he said, “No you can’t any money doing this!” He continued though with, “I am working on my PhD, in British Literature, with a specialty in the Victorian Age.” Casey was shocked, but just smiled.

She had just finished a book tour, promoting her book, “I Am Not Limited.” They talked a long time about literature, and that his favorite poet was Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She didn’t tell him yet that she was famous, she would let him savor that another time. But she did get very bold, and said, “How would you like to go out some time?” He was shocked. She shocked him again by saying, “I was thinking of some pizza, and a beer.” “Beer?” “You drink beer?”, he said as his jaw dropped.

She didn’t answer, but looked out at the sun setting, over the horizon. She sighed and gave him one of the most wonderful compliments he had ever received, “You helped me today, more than you could ever know.” You’ve helped me conquer my fear of heights……..and my fear of asking a guy out for a date.”

I’ll leave the rest of the story of their relationship up to you. He learned to see her though as the wonderful human being she was. And he helped her to feel alive again, and gave her a wonderful sense of hope.

And on their first date they each had one beer, her favorite was the dark lager. When they said goodnight he kissed her, not even thinking about the wheelchair.



Writing and Images © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

9 thoughts on “The Balloon Ride – Conclusion

    1. Thank you! No, it is simply fiction. I try to focus on the characters, but blogging fiction is much different than fiction in a book form. Peace and have a great week!

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