The Land that Sings

Oceans 2046

The people stood silently, except for an occasional baby crying or a horse snorting and shaking his head. They all watched the horizon, facing west, and waited. The wind was gentle but then picked up, and changed direction. Now it came from the south, and it was stronger. Slowly, a soft singing sound could be heard. Yes…. there were voices. The people looked up and all around them, but they saw no one. It was a gentle and beautiful sound. As it grew, some could hear the words, but others could not, nor understand the language. There were no drums, only the singing.

The people said nothing, stunned by the beauty of the moment, and then the singing stopped. The wind then shifted back, towards the east, and became gentle again. The leaders looked at each other, but no one said anything. The people did not move or make a sound. One by one, each leader knew they should travel west, and that there would be great peace and excellent hunting. They did not know how they knew this – but they knew.

Bear led the people forward, and spoke softly to each of the leaders, Standing on the Mountain, Red Wolf, Hawk in the Sky, and others. The people also began speaking softly to each other. They had great peace and joy in their hearts. It was a good sign indeed.

One mile to the east of the stream, there were thirty warriors from a hostile tribe, watching the backs of the people. They were disappointed that there would be no fighting today, no war. They turned their horses around and headed back to their village in the east. They would not follow these people into that special place. The Creator was too strong there.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


10 thoughts on “The Land that Sings

  1. LOVE the Message here, Nico, that when we stop to listen to “spirit” and follow our Hearts, NEVER will we be led wrongly, and when we do step into “Flow” that is where we are protected as well. Gorgeous post, my friend!! Love, Amy ❤

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