Voting with Compassion

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I love my country, but what if all the rich people in the United States, suddenly lost everything. Now I don’t want this to happen, but if it did, would they still vote Republican? I don’t think so.

And what if every poor person here or those near the poverty level, suddenly became wealthy overnight? Would they still vote Democratic? I think they would, because they would want to help people.

And therein lays the problem. We vote according to where we are on the economic scale. Politics has become cultural. Our priorities have shifted, and we vote from our wallets, instead of with our hearts and minds.

What we really need……is to vote with a sense of compassion.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

47 thoughts on “Voting with Compassion

  1. One odd thing I notice is that there are many lower range economic people who vote hard line Trump. Think of the people with the conferderate flags in their trucks. They don’t see to understand that Trump couldn’t care less about them. They vote for someone who doesn’t want to represent their interests. It was the same with George Bush. Rednecks supported him intensely, even when he publicly acknowledged that rich people “are my base.” They are too ignorant to recognize their oppressors. What a mess things have become.

    1. That is strange Cindy. I have trouble understanding the far right, and yet I grew up with them! As I have grown older I have seen the gap grow more between rich and poor in a big way. That is one of the things I was trying bring out here. All we can do is what we think is right. Peace my friend.

  2. There are as many Agendas as there are candidates. Each voter/individual has his agenda. The hunter is terrified he will lose his gun rights. The conservative religious fanatic has his agenda. The tea party has theirs. The poor have theirs as well. I think putting bad decisions on what one likes to call red necks is a narrow view of the big picture. Since when did the democrats agenda become “helping the poor “. I am a progressive but not delusional. Thank you for opening a very thoughtful topic.

    1. Thank you Holly, for your thoughtful comments. I did intend to spark debate. I have a hard time with the right but the left believes things I do not. Regardless of who we are we need to have policies in place that care about people. I for one am thankful for Obamacare, even though I do not use it. I know some people who do need it and it helps them tremendously. To me that is compassion. And by the way what is the gun lobby scared of? They do not live in the city, not where the crime is for the most part. Peace to you.

      1. I don’t hAve the answer to the obsessive fear that some people have of losing the right to bear arms , my point is that there are many agendas that determine who individuals vote for. I found the generalization and use if the term “red-neck ” as offensive as any other singling out for ridicule. We have enough name calling passing amongst our presidential hopefuls. Peace Nico.

      2. Holly I did generalize on both sides here and yes a reader did use that term, but I do not usually correct people that I am discussing an issue with, however I can see where that would bother another reader. I prefer the term far right, or very conservative, and some of them are my friends. I like to be open to all people. Blessings.

  3. I agree, much of humanity is starved of compassion. Having compassion and making an effort to be aware of people whose backgrounds/circumstances etc are different can make a big difference. Sadly, much of human history shows that this a difficult thing to accomplish. But I’ll continue to do my part and keep hope…

  4. never been rich but I do tend to vote more conservatively as my heart is based on my faith…being raised anglican, one would think me a bit more liberal than I am, but no, pretty middle of the road…and as those with the R tend to be more that way I suppose I lean that way—but I carry no card, no affiliation as I’ve never claimed to be this or that—but the kind of people I would truly would want to vote for aren’t politicians nor would they get involved in such—leaving my choices next to nil—I’ve gotten were I detest politicians… Rs, Ds, Is,and every other letter in between and I will say that Madeline Albright’s comment about woman not helping woman (i.e. vote for Hillary) have a special place in hell…well that just about did it—I was incensed—just because I am a woman does not mean I am suppose to vote for a woman, certainly not if I don’t find her capable…paaallleeezzzeee—one word Bengazi…..
    these are the days that not only try men’s and women’s souls but find me wanting to jump ship and go find and Island somewhere….
    Oh if we can survive this madness it will be a miracle!!!

    1. Thank you Julie for your very thoughtful comments. To be honest I often feel the same way. My point in the post is not really left or right it is we need to care for people more than money. I cannot stand the party I belong too because we always bemoan taxes and do not deal with the reality of people having needs. Peace my friend and rich blessings to you.

  5. Those who know or knew hardship and poverty are able to sympathize with others in that situation. I saw this video a while ago where some people gave disadvantaged kids a choice to either get their dream Christmas gift or give their parents a gift. They all chose their parents.

    1. Yes, so true. That is a flaw but I wonder if some do care but we cannot see it because it gets buried under all of the rhetoric. Thank you for reading and commenting. Peace and blessings to you.

      1. You are more than welcome. I fear posting political comments – not because I do not have strong convictions, but because so many people will ‘disown you’ if you do not feel the way they do about a particular subject. And these days it seems like so many are extreme in one direction or the other with no middle ground. I am a compromising person and this usually gets me walked all over because I am willing to bend when others never will. You are not alone and I would love to hear more from you. Maybe I will be more vocal in the future.

      2. So cool! Thanks Mike. I’m really not all that political I just believe in caring about people instead of the almighty dollar. Peace to you!

      3. You get my vote. Watching the political debates I can’t help but think this nation is in trouble if that is the best we can offer to our citizens. Somewhat depressing.

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