Friday Night Culture – Positive Metal

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So the music of hard rock and heavy metal has always packed a powerful punch, literally. It is hard driving, and loud. It used to be, and sometimes still is, raw, angry fighting music. And because of that, there can be a dark, negative side, carrying monsters and death. No thanks, I want life not death. But if you put some positive words, and an attitude of hope in it, now you’re talking my language!

The first selection here is raw, and an anthem for not giving up. No matter what happens in our lives (I think there are limits to this) we can overcome. This song is gritty, hard, and loud. Please be careful with your ears! Watch for the hair throwing! I think this style of hard rock is more from the 1990’s. By the way there are three people in the video besides the band. A man involved in perhaps a tragic car accident, a woman fighting cancer, and a teenager that appears to be fighting an eating disorder. Like I said hard, but a sense of hope.

The second song is more of what is known as sonic metal. Listen to the guitars closely, especially in the beginning, and you will hear a sonic, airplane type noise, which is more electronic than the first video. It is also a proclamation of “Hey can we get some help down here??” It’s something we can all relate to. The weird thing too is that these two videos are from the same band! Their looks, style, and sound has all changed. The group is Fireflight.

The last video shows that hard rock has developed a blending of the arts. The poetry here is amazing, there is also nature, and yes loud guitars. The style here I believe is called, symphonic metal. It is admittedly a little strange, but the message is again positive, bringing a sense of hope to the elderly, to the hardest working among us. I love the very ending. The group is Nightwish.

Have a great weekend!


Commentary © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

image from wallpaper-kid via google

videos from youtube

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


11 thoughts on “Friday Night Culture – Positive Metal

  1. I discovered NightWish on one of my late night journey
    and Elan is one of their best
    Thank you for sharing, it will be the song to close down to 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter

  2. Loved the video! I am a ‘metal head’ and love most head banging music. My favorite song is by Judas Priest ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’. He sings about if you think you’re going to stop him from living a full and happy life. .. you’ve got another thing coming!

  3. I first heard the song Unbreakable a few days ago via amazon music. I selected an artist, ‘The Afters’, and Amazon generated other songs based on the ones I gave a thumbs up. Funny seeing it here. It was a bit gritty for me but I did appreciate the lyrics.

    Thanks for this little ‘hard rock’ lesson. I do agree that it appeals to a gritty side… Perfect for the days I need a little extra edge! Here’s a new discovery which gives me a kick! Tell me what you think

    1. Thank you for reading, and glad you liked it. I do like this group, and being a light is good always. What do you think they mean though about burning something down? I was not sure about that line. Peace to you!

      1. I’ve wondered the same thing on hearing it for the first time. Then after hearing a few times it started to make more sense.

        One line says, “we were not meant to be silent”. Another says, “if you born to be a flame then we’re gonna be bonfire”.

        I assume it means on fire for the Lord. Or perhaps burning down barriers that separate us. Helping the world understand that we are all God’s children. Being a light to the world. Letting the light shine. Not a small flame but a bonfire.

        Bonfires are huge and can get out of control if not properly contained. A raging fire. On fire for the Lord. That’s huge. Not caring what anyone thinks of you, but living to please God. Spreading the word. On fire for His glory. It’s a powerful song when you really think about the lyrics. Really intense!

      2. Yes, I love your idea about bringing down barriers. We need to be loving and compassionate because people do matter! Thank you A! Peace and rich blessings to you.

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