Whale Song

Maine and More 169

Her mother first told her she had the ability when she was 10 years old, but she was terrified of it. She never even attempted using it until she was 17. “There always has to be a reason”, her mother said, she could never use it just for play.

Now that she was Queen, there was a very good reason. As Her Majesty stood on the deck of her flagship, she looked over the fleet of the rebellion. Some 85 ships were off the shores of Block Island, ready to pounce on hers, and send her to the bottom of the sea. But she was not just here because of the rebellion.

She was here to recapture the man of her dreams, the man that had been stolen from her, the Viscount Barclay. “He is beneath you”, the nobility had charged. But he was the only man she ever trusted, the only man that could make her weep reading poetry, and the only man she would ever be willing to marry.

Anger burned as she began her song. Her love had been held prisoner for more than a month, no doubt beaten and starved, and his only crime was his love for her. She had had enough of the stupidity of the nobles, but as her voice traveled across the water, her crew had never heard such a beautiful sound. It was a strange reverberating sound that seemed to go under the water.

Within minutes the first huge fins began appearing, and soon several large whales began leaping next to her flagship. The crew began trembling. “Do not be afraid!” the Queen yelled to them. It wasn’t long before hundreds of whales, of all sizes filled the waters.

As the leader of the whales positioned himself just above the water, so he could see the Queen, she knew there would be a great victory today. She looked directly into the huge mammal’s eye, and spoke without saying a word. Their minds spoke.

She then pointed at the enemy ships, and in less than one hour, her love was set free.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

11 thoughts on “Whale Song

    1. Thank you Connie! I enjoyed writing this, and yes there is some meaning behind the words, but mostly I was just having a good time with the story. Peace to you and rich blessings!

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