Whale Song II

Maine and More 145

Did she do the right thing? As she stood in the bow of her flagship, the Queen wondered if she had rushed the marriage. They had taken her love from the prison island and he was only the shell of a man now. He was so weak, it took two men to carry him to the longboat, and then up into the ship.

He had forbidden her to look at him in this condition, and she turned away out of respect. After he had cleaned up, and shaved he was ready to see her. Was it just sympathy saying, they should marry right now, right here on the ship? The Captain consented and the marriage was done quickly, so that her love, the Viscount could rest. She wore a plain blue-grey dress for the ceremony, to make everyone feel more comfortable.

The ship lunged forward now, as the huge blue whale pulled even harder on the harness, the bow went down, then back up again. The whales had been so kind to offer this, in order to rush them back home. As she stood on the bow thinking, she was torn, knowing how deeply she loved him. She never wanted to be parted from him again, and the only way for that to happen, at least in her day, was to marry. But would they be able to have children? Would she have a true marriage?

It was then she heard the whale song. Off the port side of the ship another whale leaped into the air, and came crashing down, into the dark water. It was her counterpart calling her, the Queen of the Northern Whales. She spoke to her mind and said, “Do not worry dear one!” “I have a gift for you…..just a glimpse really…..but a wonderful gift!” She continued with, “Now close your eyes…..”

The Queen on the flagship closed her eyes anxiously, and immediately saw her castle home. There she was with her love, decked out in a military uniform, looking healthy and handsome……….and as tears came to her eyes, she saw children! She counted……..and there were six! The oldest was having a birthday party. Somehow she knew her first child’s name…….it was Maria.

With tears streaming now, the vision vanished and she opened her eyes. Between the sobs she managed to sing a beautiful whale song back to her counterpart. It was a song of gratitude.


 Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


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