Desert Flowers

Oceans 717

In the mountains of New Mexico, some still tell the legend of how flowers came to the desert. It started with two lovers from two different worlds. They met by accident more than two hundred years ago, as his family passed through her village. She was from one of the Tribes, and his family were proud Spaniards. They spoke very little that first day, at the trading post, but he told her he would be back that night. He was determined to capture her heart.

He snuck away that night and many more nights, whispering at her window when he arrived. They would run into the mountains, where he taught her poetry, and she taught him to love, and respect the earth. She never told him about the special ability some of her people had, to change into something else. Madly in love now, she didn’t want him to be scared.

Her family was always open and friendly, but when his father found out, he shouted, “Stay away from those people!” But one night he snuck away and did not return. Spending days and nights in a cave, they refused to be separated from each other. It was then she had an idea.

When she told him what they could do, it was a big decision. But he shook his head yes, and they held hands as soon as the sun began to set. It was the love they had for each other, that melted them into the ground. They became part of the earth, and yet different, blending together with the soil. Both sensing their love and pain, they became flowers with thorns, never to be parted again.

And that is how flowers came to the desert. If you hike the trails there, you will find them still, living forever, with thousands of their descendants.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

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