The Hunter Returns

Oceans 234

When he arrived back at the village there was a lot of whooping and hollering by the children. They were running and jumping around, as if they had never seen a person return from a hunt before. Hawk in the Sky led three horses (including the spotted one) full of provisions, as he walked back to the village. Old women smiled, and men slapped his back with congratulations.

It was always good to have food, and give to those in need. The elderly were always given their portions first, as a sign of respect. He couldn’t help but smile, as he entered the lodge of the elderly Bear, and his wife Running Doe. “Good hunting is always an excellent sign”, Running Doe said, with her smile beaming.

It wasn’t until later, as he was sitting around the fire with his wife, that he remembered the dreams he had been having, and they were not a good sign at all. Staring into the fire he realized there would be another race of people coming to their land, and there was a horrible storm behind them. They were a race of light skinned people, with hair on their face……and well to be honest……they smelled. No these dreams were not good at all.

His wife stared at him with concern on her face. He had not touched his food. He shook off his worries, and smiled as he looked up at her. She relaxed as she stared at him, wondering if tonight was a good night? It was her smile that got him each and every time.

Tomorrow he would meet with the village counsel and talk, right now it was time to be with his beautiful Red Wing. He loved her softness. The children were asleep, and the two of them would soon be as well….. underneath….. the buffalo blankets.


Note: This is inspired by First Nations/Native American stories.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


9 thoughts on “The Hunter Returns

  1. AWE I love that last part. What a wonderful story and what a dream. I was thinking about that, since we’ve shared before that my family is Cherokee what it must have felt like to be march down the trail of tears. To have their land stolen from them. I heard someone say that every since then they all have this feeling that everything is stolen from them. I can’t really say for certain but I’ve heard it voiced many times! What a beautiful story. I’ve missed reading these! I’m going to stay and visit awhile! Blessings to you! 😀

    1. Your comments are beautiful, and right on target I think. The key I believe is forgiveness. Healing can happen. Peace my friend and every good blessing to you.

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