Turtle Island

Oceans 1692

On the west coast of Africa, the legend still persists to this day. The story tells us of a special people, with a special gift, on a small island in the Atlantic. It was during the colonial days, when tall ships searched the coastlines for victims to take away.

One day sails were seen not far from the island, and the lookouts for the people ran to tell their beloved chief. The elderly chief knew just what to do, and she called the people together. After she explained the plan they all headed for the beach and started calling the turtles. You see they could talk to the animals, in particular the sea creatures.

But their minds were too noisy and fearful, so the chief sent out a mind message to the turtle nations, after telling the others to be silent. The turtles all responded, big and little, sea turtles, snapping turtles, and even the small, gentle turtles you can hold in your hand. The plan was set in place, and thousands of turtles, snuck into their positions and hid, including many under the sand, as the longboats headed for the shore. Hundreds of sea turtles lurked silently under the waves. Meanwhile the people stayed in the shadows, along the tree line.

When the slave traders began to jump out of their boats, the elderly chief shouted with her mind and with her voice – attack! The people shouted from the tree line, with only the shadows of their arms waving. Turtles suddenly jumped out and ran towards the slave traders, and those that could bite, did.

Grown men screamed like children, and ran back into their boats. Thousands of turtles still launched themselves, biting and crawling on the men from the ship. Some ran up their pants legs. Once the men were in their boats again, they rowed with all their might. And then the sea turtles attacked, knocking the boats over.

It was a horrible sight, seeing the men swim for their lives, but eventually they did make it back to their ship, still screaming. And that is how the people won a great victory over the slave traders, and how the island got its name.

Many decades later, ships started returning to the island, but as friends. The slave trade had long since ended.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


13 thoughts on “Turtle Island

  1. I see you’re back from your break. I hope all is well. That is a fascinating story. I am so glad that particular scourge on humanity has ended. Now, it’s time to polish off the others.

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