The Way of Serenity


Perhaps you’re familiar with the Serenity Prayer, it seems to be all over the internet, on bookmarks, wall plaques etc. But there is a reason for this. It is non-specific and applies to many faiths. More than that, it hits us where we live. It’s real.

Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

While I was on a break, I read a book entitled, The Way of Serenity, by Father Jonathan Morris. This book takes the Serenity Prayer, and shows us how we can survive the difficulties of our lives, by applying this prayer in practical ways.

Here’s a section from the book on gratitude:

“Gratitude occasionally comes naturally, especially when everything is going great in our lives. It’s relatively easy to be spontaneously thankful when the sun is shining on every corner of our existence. It’s another thing, however, to be thankful when things aren’t so wonderful. At any given moment of our lives, you and I have a choice. We have things in our lives that are good and pleasant, and other things that are rough and difficult. We can choose to focus on the rotten things or on the good and beautiful things. Depending on which we choose, we will tend to become either embittered and angry or grateful and happy.”

I love this book. I wish you peace.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Book quote from The Way of Serenity,

by Father Jonathan Morris, HarperOne Publishing

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


15 thoughts on “The Way of Serenity

  1. Beautiful…

    Non-specific may be nice and possibly reach some “turned off” by religion, but the truth is that Jesus Christ is the only Way, Truth, and Life by which one may be saved and thereby find true serenity. I know this as truth as I was, and am, a serenity seeker. I once believed in a “higher power” concept, until my eyes were opened to this truth by my Saviour. For some, a higher power concept or non-specific entity may suffice and make them feel comfortable, but everyone must work out their own salvation with fear and trembling, but only a relationship with Jesus Christ is going to be the way of the purest serenity to be found.
    Peace be with you and may His face shine upon you today….

    1. Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate you being here, and I used to hold to these ideas you have mentioned. The selective salvation you have promoted though means all Hindus, Jewish people and so on will burn in everlasting hell fire, because they do not believe that same way. I cannot buy that. God has mercy and compassion on each of us, everyday. That is the God I know, and is certainly the God of the Serenity Prayer. I am a Christian but we view this differently. I respect you though as I do all people. Peace to you.

      1. All Hindus, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, Buddist and All others may still be saved “if” they find the one and only true God. All of these others hold onto a false religion. It may be a “selected view” as you see it, and I feel sad about that, but the Word of God is irrefutable and Jesus is the only Way, Truth and Life and no man may obtain access to the Father but by Him. Certainly, it is God’s desire that NONE should perish, and that is why the gospel is being preached to all the nations and tribes of the world. God is love and compassion, and He wants to save everyone, even those being deceived by false doctrine and false religion.
        It comes down to choice. Once they have heard the truth, they (we) all have free will and choice to either believe and be saved, or hold onto our old ideas and disbelieve and then face judgement. It is NOT my word, nor my selective view: it is God’s Word. He loves, He has mercy, but He also has judgment coming for any that do not fear Him and choose to follow Him. And this is righteous judgement. I too, respect your beliefs, of which you are entitled, but I am a godly woman and my serenity is found in Jesus Christ. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain for the world!
        Peace be to you.

      2. Thank you. I am glad we can dialogue in a respectful way. Sometimes that does not happen. I believe if a person of another faith views much of Christianity (especially TV versions) they will not only be disappointed but they will not see an accurate representation of what we should be about. I will respect their beliefs, and their faith because I am not the judge. Peace to you also.

      3. I agree…. the TV version of Christianity leaves much to be desired, and leaves a bad taste even in my mouth. Very few have my attention. Far too many false teachers in the woodwork now, but should not surprise us, as Jesus Himself foretold of this taking place in His warnings and teachings of what we may expect.
        I agree, I am not anyone’s judge, however we were taught in 1 Thessalonians 5:14 to “warn the unruly” but I guess one would only hold to that if they value the bible and God’s Word as truth and the only truth that will save a person. We are instructed to judge, but to do so not by appearance, or how we see things, but with righteous judgement, in other words by the heart and according to His righteousness. John 7:24
        I do not judge others for their beliefs or lack thereof, but it is my Christian duty as a disciple of Christ to speak boldly and attest to the truth and share the true pure undefiled Word and correct misguided interpretations when encountered. I would rather offend others by speaking boldly and proclaiming the Word than to offend my Lord with my silence merely to make them more comfortable in their religions. If it is false, then they deserve to be told the truth. I am not responsible for what they do afterward, but I am held accountable if I do not tell them and they make poor choices from being uninformed. Free will….

      4. Hello, I’m not sure if you have read my “About” page but in that introduction it says very clearly this is not a Christian blog – it is a creative writing blog done by a Christian. I believe that throughout my writing one can see my faith and the way I believe, but I do not preach. That’s the way I have designed this blog. The main issue I have with your comments is that you are preaching. Please do not preach here. I would really appreciate that. I am not offended but this blog is not for preaching. Thanks.

  2. Oh The Serenity Prayer has always been my favorite. My Dad was a revived alcoholic and introduced me to as a teen many years ago. I have it framed and have passed the prayer onto my kids. I will have to check the book out that you read as well.
    It’s also find it refreshing to read your comments on your belief in a merciful God who loves all for I believe we are all an expression of our creator.
    Thank you for sharing .

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