The Sword of Talon II


She was dreaming of his wings. In her dream, she was walking along the rock covered coast, in a thick fog which she loved. There was something about breathing in the mist that inspired her, when suddenly the sun broke through a hole in the clouds, and she could hear singing, as if heaven had opened. Before she knew it a huge white eagle was slowly beating his wings just above her, holding a sword.

The eagle’s wings were so huge they created a wind that fanned her face, and moved her hair. He began speaking to her in the eagle language, but she understood every word. This must be one of the sacred white eagles, she had grown up hearing about, she thought. They were always known for helping humans, being kind, and sharing wisdom.

The eagle was easily twice her size, but managed to place the sword made of emerald, softly into her hands. He screeched some instructions on how to use the sword, assuring her, “You will win this battle….”

She sat up in bed now wide awake, realizing where she was, but the wind from the eagle’s wings was still tangible, and visibly moving her hair, as she sat in her bed. Was she still dreaming? He said, “Make sure you hold the sword high!” She could hear singing again, and then all went quiet.

When it was time for the Naming Ceremony the Bishop was outraged that he would not be blessing the sword, and was not consulted regarding the ceremony. A large crowd gathered in the great hall of the castle, including all the nobles.

When the Queen entered everyone stood and bowed, but a strange humming noise came from the sword. As the Queen explained the real reason for the assembly, many of the nobles became nervous and broke out in a sweat.

Finally the Queen yelled, “We are here to discover the identity of the traitors!” And with that the sword turned bright green. Then it changed colors as the Queen lifted the sword as high as she could. It went to blue, then purple, then red, and then orange. The earth began to shake, women screamed, some fainted, as the sword changed again to a bright white.

The Queen was still holding it high when suddenly three distinct beams of light were sent from the sword landing precisely on three different nobles, first on their foreheads, then simultaneously moving down over their hearts. They each knew for certain it would be their last day on earth.


The exciting conclusion tomorrow!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


20 thoughts on “The Sword of Talon II

  1. An excellent part two, Nicodemas! You provide just enough to paint a clear picture of this ‘queendom’ , the mystery behind the sword, and those who would attempt to bring ruin to the land. Looking forward to the conclusion tomorrow, my friend.

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