In the Mornings


In the mornings when the robins sing, protesting the cold

I think of our adventures, the smell of the air

did it rain last night or is that just dew?

as we bury our chins in our jackets, fortified

with the smell of coffee lingering,

and the sound of our boots on the trails

holding hands. Your lavender is strong

as bees buzz our heads seeking

their next meal. I draw you close

whispering, my love to you.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


19 thoughts on “In the Mornings

  1. Nicodemas, I smelled the green wet grass, the coffee and most of all I felt that amazing feeling of happiness and gratitude to experience this all with that one beloved person! Amazingly beautiful!

  2. Glorious picture you do paint with your words. I smelled the earth, I smelled the coffee, the lavender too, and saw the Love upon a path. Wonderful, Nico! Thank you! ❤

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