One Thousand Posts


Yesterday I shattered the 1,000 posts barrier! Wahoo! Can you believe it? I don’t normally share about stats, but this is one I am very happy about. Why so many posts, and why write so much? I just love to write, and I’m very blessed that someone out there enjoys reading it, so thank you!

In the beginning I wrote a lot more fiction, primarily about First Nations/Native American people. I love writing historical fiction this way, but the focus of the blog changed and I began writing more poetry.  For some wonderful fiction (as I pat myself on the back) you can search under some of the people’s names I created, such as Thunder Speaking, Cricket in the Meadow, Sky, Talking Eagle, and many more.

I also wrote some fiction that is more contemporary, including “The Escape” series which had a sailing theme. But I also learned how to keep fiction short, and some of my favorites are “Popcorn and Tattoos”, and “Friends”.

I’d also like to mention “The Last People on Planet Earth” series, which I think is my favorite. It was difficult to put into a blog format though, and really needs to be a book.

And I love your work! That’s another reason I keep going. You are wonderful artists, photographers and writers.

Thanks for reading, and I will keep writing, especially poetry.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


28 thoughts on “One Thousand Posts

  1. It is such a huge and special number and for sure worth to mention. It is funny, we are posting day by day, not even thinking about a post number and all of a sudden this number shows up! Congratulations, Nicodemas! I am happy we have you here! Your soulful poems and inspiration are a gift!

  2. the blogs I read were all captivating and not only interesting to read but gave information about so much i didn’t know. I’m indebted to you Nico. God bless you, peace and light to you

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