Flower Hill


On a lonely hill somewhere in the Middle East, two flowers were talking, a father and son. “Papa, why do the humans kill each other?” The father was taken aback by the question, but realized his son was growing up.

“Well son it is difficult to explain, it is like a disease, but it goes deeper than that. You see each human is accountable for the things they do here on this earth, so it is not only a disease but a choice, a wrong choice.” His son thought about this and with a worried look asked, “Papa, will they dig us up to bury the dead?” His father said, “I don’t think so son, we are on this hill, and they use the flat ground mostly.”

His son began weeping, and tears could clearly be seen on his petals. His father bent low, and put a leaf around him, to bring him comfort. His son burst out with, “Papa a woman was killed yesterday because she was in love, and didn’t want to marry the man picked out for her! I don’t want to be here Papa, living in this cruelty!”

His father sighed heavily saying, “I know son, I feel the same way. But just remember the Creator sees everything, and I understand He is very ticked off right now. Terrible storms are coming, and the humans don’t have much time left.” He hesitated sharing more, these were just rumors circulating.

“Then who will rule the world Papa?” His father questioned whether he should continue, but said, “The bees son……you know they are very intelligent!” His son began smiling and said, “I like the bees! We help each other!”

The father was smiling now too and said, “Yes and their world makes a lot more sense…….”


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

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