A Conversation with God


As I sit down on the bench overlooking the bay, You know why I’m here. So let me get right down to it. I don’t understand.

You know all we have been through, so why? I don’t feel any stronger, isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? Not here it didn’t, not with me. I’m not going to say any more about that, because as You know, I’ll burst out in anger. Am I supposed to just pick up the pieces and pretend nothing happened?

And what about India? You know how long we’ve wanted to go there, our dreams have vanished. Now we are too old. She had dreams and visions years ago and now? India seems as far as Jupiter.

I just don’t get it.

My faith has changed. There’s a price to be paid, for being so open. Even though I do see You…… I want fewer sermons, I can’t stand the yelling, the putting down. I can’t be mean anymore, judging people. That’s not who I am now. I want to be loving and accepting.

So you know how I love other cultures, I was thinking of learning French and then Italian. I figure we as a couple, can handle Europe, maybe parts of Africa, a lot easier than India. And we both love Canada. Still…….I think I will miss not learning Tamil, and Gujarati. You know how I love the cultures, the people.

Anyway, this is what I was thinking about………


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


25 thoughts on “A Conversation with God

  1. Life can bring us so many challenges. These past two months I feel I have been caught in a whirlwind of unanswered questions, but every day the sun still comes up and there is a reason to continue, there’s hope. Hold to your faith, my friend. That’s what I keep telling myself and my boys. Blessings.

      1. I have written a post for you but was unsure if I should do it as a dedication. I know some folks aren’t comfortable with such things. It’s titled, heart-to-heart. Chin-up, my friend. Blessings

  2. I’m moved and have thought along similar lines at times so I appreciate your honesty. Maybe you will make some Indian friends who will teach you Tamil and share their culture. You will be good to go just in case 🙂

  3. I think sometimes pouring your heart out does more good than we imagine. Lovely to know you like Indian culture and have wanted to visit this country! Don’t give up yet… There are places in India that are beautiful and won’t be so taxing… And I will be happy to act as a guide for your trip, should you find yourself in India some day 🙂 cheers!

  4. Deep and moving thoughts, Nicodemas. Life seems endless at one point in our lives and we truly fill it with this and that. Wonderful memories to stick with us forever. Tough experiences which definitely brought something special out of us, new perspectives (it would not have happened without). But at another point, we see that so much time has passed and not all we dreamed of could be realized or still is time for being realized. It can be sad but then again we mustn’t forget what all we did! There is still time for many things and we simply have to set priorities and do the things we still can do with joy and the gratitude that we can do them.

    1. Your comments are a huge blessing Erika. I cannot thank you enough. You have a strong faith. Sometimes it is very tough, but I will continue to go forward! I hate getting older though! Peace to you.

      1. I can understand your feelings and your thoughts totally beause I see this time coming closer for me too. At some point I think we need to accept that we are limited in time down here. The important thing is that we don’t stop moving forward! Huge hugs, Nicodemas!

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