My First Poem


My first poem was not about love,

as a youth wandering into the woods

seeking the oneness blending

into the trees, blending

into the mystery,

of nature breathing,

the forest.


And dreaming of the Lakota, and Cheyenne

feathers, and buckskin sitting around the campfire.

I loved it when it snowed in the woods

the snow and I were brothers living

in the quiet. A soul completed.


Well not quite, love came later.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


19 thoughts on “My First Poem

  1. I remember someone saying how humans are unique in that they can feel empathy and connection to objects, animals, as well as each other. This poem makes me want to go hiking. And I love that little aside at the end for “love.”

    1. Thank you T! Your comments are awesome. Yes, you’re right about empathy. For sure we can feel connected, it’s part of our humanity. When I was young I did feel connected to First Nations/Native American people, even though I was not one myself. Peace to you my friend.

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