The Swordsman

male swordsman from wallpapersxl

Warning: Some images in this story may be disturbing to some readers.

It was raining again, as he continued to walk through the dark mist. Only an occasional flash of distant lightning brought any light at all, and he knew the sun was still several hours away.

He walked sideways mostly, but quickly, as he held his sword up, in front of him with both hands. He knew the thing was near, he could smell it, he could sense it lurking not far away. He thought of his client briefly, and how badly she needed this. Would it never stop raining?

He could see some shadows of towers in the distance, then suddenly he saw the red beast! Yes, in the lightning flash he saw it run into the doorway of one the towers, complete with tail, and a small set of wings. He smelled its stench. He gave chase, and he loved how they always ran from him. He laughed, then realizing his sin, he immediately repented.

It would be over soon, he could sense it in his spirit, and the young girl would be free. For one thing there was only one way to go in that tower – and it was up. Gaging from the smell of the red demon, it had already fled to the top of the tower. He crept into the doorway ready to strike, just in case. Slowly, he began to climb the ancient stone steps, as he clung to the wall, looking up.

A small trickle of rainwater began to cover the steps, on the right side, which meant the outside door was open at the top now. He was very quiet, waiting for the attack, as he walked up.

Near the top, on the last curve is when it came. The evil beast suddenly appeared and roared with his mouth spewing its stinking drool. ARRRRHHHHHH! Covering his face with arm he lunged forward with his sword. The beast only moved back slightly, then roared again, ARRRRRRHHHHH! A horrible sulfur smell filled the air.

With his sword he backed up the beast even further, as they reached the outside of the tower. He knew he would have to be quick. Rain began drenching them both when he made a move that his sword master had taught him. He faked a downward cut, aiming for the demon’s arm, then suddenly twirled and in midair, cut off the head of the beast so quickly, so efficiently, it sounded no more lethal, than a pair of scissors cutting a piece of paper.

But instead of the death yell, the horrible creature’s head and body turned to dust before they ever hit the ancient stone floor of the tower…….


To be continued……tonight!


Writing© Copyright 2016, ancient skies

image from wallpapersxl via google

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

17 thoughts on “The Swordsman

  1. It is so good to read this fabulous flash, I love when you dig deep Nic, you are such a fine writer!

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