The Archangel


As the Dark Knights pushed their way through the white clouds, the Swordsman looked up, and knew it would take more than a Swordsman to defeat them. He instantly raised his sword high as a beacon, calling for the Command Center to send extra help. His sword turned to fire and crackled with electricity, sending the signal heavenward.

As the Dark Knights saw him, they headed down in his direction. He saw each one had a name, an unholy name written on them. He saw, fear, despair, anger, violence, racism and many others.

Suddenly the sky exploded with a cracking sound, and lightning split it open. The singing of many choirs descended, and through the opening there was one single being, dressed in gold and white. He had long hair, and was carrying a sword and a golden shield.

The Swordsman ducked next to some large rocks, realizing the power of this being. The Archangel would make quick work of the Dark Knights. Without a word, the Archangel simply pointed his sword, and there was a crashing bolt of lightning, that split into a hundred different directions. And it was over that quick.

The people of the town saw and heard nothing, for this was a spiritual fight, in another dimension. But many smelled a burning smell they could not explain, and a few saw a strange dust in the air.

And the Swordsman just smiled and sheathed his sword, thinking this was yet another great victory against the forces that hated humanity. And why were the Dark Knights attacking?

The Swordsman had just freed a 14 year old, from an overdose…….of heroin…….


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

10 thoughts on “The Archangel

  1. great writing Nico!
    how, I hope that indeed this is a true story and the 14 year is freed. 🙂
    I think, we need to hear more good news. less of the bad news that bombards us so much now.

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