A Note to Muslims


I do not hate you, but as our nation grieves once again,

burning with anger against the black banner

you need to grieve with us

joining our humanity

with indignation

against the assault

against insanity.


You must put out this fire,

burning in your neighbor

with the holy water

of peace.


This is not a debate about religion. I’m simply expressing feelings many of us are facing.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


29 thoughts on “A Note to Muslims

      1. I understand, since I did the same thing today! I didn’t even realize how much was bubbling under the surface. This was very well put, my friend.

  1. As a Muslim I can assure you that we do grieve with you. Muslims are fighting terrorism every single minute of every day. Whether it be directly such as the brave troops in Iraq fighting ISIS forces or on social media where we spread messages of peace and love. Please don’t blame Islam for atrocities like this. We stand united with humanity!

    1. Thank you for your comments! Your words are very encouraging, and yes there are Muslims fighting terrorists. But I wish there were more people like you speaking up for what is right. Thank you for standing with us! Peace to you.

    2. @ hananjx
      You shouldn’t have to defend your religion, because every religion is committing atrocities, look at the Cathloic Church and all the paedophile priests, cardinals, bishops, etc.

      However, you are very kind to speak up, even though you shouldn’t have to, there should be no Islamaphobia pressuring Muslims to go running around apologizing — as if Islam is the problem — instead of the extremists such as ISIS.

      1. Genie I do not think this reader was apologizing. This post is about peace and grieving, and I thanked them in a humble way. I’m sorry but your comments are inappropriate. Again I respect all people and their faith.

  2. Muslims are grieving too. I’m not a Muslim, however, I know many Muslims and they are as sad as the rest of us.

      1. We will not have peace until people embrace: Interfath.
        We are all born from the same God, not from a religion!

  3. The “black banner” has nothing to do with Islam! That’s an ISIS banner, and they are not true Muslims, this has me angry, Nico, it’s too full of ignorance of other religions.

    1. My friend look at the other comments here and you will see many that feel the same. And look at my comment at the bottom. I am not debating religion at all. And I will not with you either. I submit that you have taken this wrong indeed. Feel the pulse of the U.S. and you will see we, including me are grieving and we want the violence done in the name of religion to stop, regardless of the banner. Ignorance? No. My heart cry for peace-yes. Again you have read something into this that does not exist. Peace to you.

  4. I’m sorry but I am deleting all your comments that are attacking me and my desire for peace. I’m asking that you not come here to insult me. I respect all people and their faith. Thank you.

    1. Go right ahead, Nico, delete all my comments, go on being intolerant of other religions, God have you free will: use it or able it.

      1. I am not intolerant Genie. I am not against any religion, only violence done in the name of religion. I wish you nothing but peace. I’m sorry you have misunderstood this post. Again I love and respect all people.

  5. Nico, please don’t cherry pick my comments to delete on this post, either keep them all up or delete them all.

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