Have an Awesome Week!


Ok so hopefully you are refreshed and ready to face another week of work, and creativity, not necessarily in that order! Hopefully you will have time to work on that project you’ve been thinking about. You know the one, the one that’s been at the back of your mind, that you really want to begin!

I was really blessed yesterday, the whole day, but especially when the family took me out to lunch. Since you weren’t there, here is a small piece of our conversation:

“Why is the chicken so yellow, is that saffron?” “Probably.” “Wow, look at that bread, what kind of bread is that?” “It’s roasted pita bread Dad”. “Cool!”

And our daughters talked schools and friends: “Is she really a meteorology major???” “I can’t believe it.” “Yeah and is she is always talking about her boyfriend now…” There are chuckles around the table, until Mom chimes in, “Well that’s looooove……… you always mention his name……..and think about him……..” We roll our eyes.

Before we eat, I ask who will pray, and my oldest daughter volunteers. And she prays that, “Dad will be blessed on Father’s Day……”

Beaming, and filled with joy, this old guy says, “Amen”.

Put the petal to the metal, have some fun, and have an AWESOME week!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


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