Her Incredible Faith


She has a faith that can move mountains, believing the best of things, overcoming the biggest obstacles. I remember her quoting the Psalms a lot when she was sick. She built herself up internally.

And to this day she knows the right things to say, to someone else who is hurting. Empathy living inside of her, she hurts when someone else is in pain.

And she is also very good at the small things, like a smile, or helping a neighbor, which is not really small at all. She encourages me with a simple word, if you haven’t guessed, I’m the pessimist.

Thank you God for this wonderful miracle – my wife, my love, and her incredible faith, the love she carries with her everywhere.

Bless her in every way. Amen.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


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