I’m changing my political affiliation. I was very conservative years ago and yes a Republican. But over time I changed, and my views changed. I became more concerned about people, poverty, and that everyone – should have access to healthcare.

I wasn’t seeing that in the far right, in fact I distinctly saw a lack of compassion, or at least that is what I thought I saw. My wife surviving cancer, and having difficult health problems for years, had a big part to play in my views changing.

And Democrats are far on the other side, believing some things I don’t, but at least I saw a move towards caring about people. Again that was my perception and still is.

The rhetoric in both camps is horrendous, but my opinion is, that it is far worse on the right than it is on the left. The right loves to make personal attacks against people, including our President, and I simply cannot stand it anymore.

So I have no choice really but to vote with a conscience that is independent. And I have not mentioned Trump or Clinton, because I really don’t like either one. I wish I had someone to vote for right now.

Perhaps this is how Independents are born.


Note: This is not a normal post so I will be sending out some poetry later! For now the comments are open.




Commentary and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

23 thoughts on “Independent

  1. Welcome back to your God given right where you can make your choices according to your conscious, not by any man made rule that implores you to follow their way for the sake of the party. My husband and I have been non-partisan voters since we could vote. It makes it much easier to look at the candidates with an open mind. I struggle myself with these candidates as well feeling troubled by the ‘which is the lesser of two evils.’
    Thank you for being so open on your thoughts.

    1. Thank you Connie for your wonderful comments. Yes I don’t like that either, choosing between two evils! This is a crucial time for our nation. Peace to you, and may we all have wisdom on this one!

    1. Thank you Holly! Yes I hope 2020 is much better. I’m very concerned about this round and what we will wind up with after either one of them is elected. Peace to you, and be blessed!

  2. I think this election year’s choices has blown nearly everyone’s mind. I was a Democrat from Day One but over time, had to move to being (what my voting district calls) “Undeclared.” The whole process needs an overhaul.

    1. Yes, very much so! We should have more than only two main contenders for one thing, and there is too much money involved. I hope it is better next time! Peace and have a blessed Sunday.

    1. Yes, perhaps if we did not have politics as a profession with a lot of money involved we could have a better pool to choose from! Thank you Pam. Peace to you and rich blessings.

  3. Over the years I voted for so many different parties because there was always a different one that met my opinion better than the one I voted for before….. that is democracy I would say. Vote for what you feel at the moment when you are voting and not what you are used to. But when there is only a choice of two it can really be difficult!

  4. Don’t feel pushed into having to think along bipartisan lines. It is this two party system that creates the poor ‘tribal’ politics that you have there and we have here in the UK. Hopefully you will become an independent and feel less trapped (or doomed)

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