My Love and I at the Beach


Our chairs under the umbrella

the tube

of suntan lotion

with your fingers

on my back

rubbing gently

covering me.

Bottles of water

in our cup holders,

as you open a book

I wipe sand off

our apples.


Later the smell of lavender in our room

as you step out of the shower,


in a towel.

My Love!

soft music playing

in the background.


As you call me “handsome”, with your hands on my beard

we gaze into each other’s eyes, reflecting the waves

I realize, we should have food delivered



Note: These are wonderful memories.  We are not at the beach right now.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

19 thoughts on “My Love and I at the Beach

  1. do hope and wish you’ll return to the beach asap…
    * * *
    “To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you are the world…”(Bill Wilson)

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