The Flower in the Pond


In all of our dimensions, peace was always meant to be a covering

a flower in a pond for us to focus on, but in the ancient world

hatred was born and war was discovered.

Pray for the covering to be restored

for protection of sanity reigning

and for us to have eyes

for the flower

in the pond.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies


24 thoughts on “The Flower in the Pond

  1. The last beautiful water lilies like this I saw at a beautiful and inspiring peaceful mission in California.Your poem is just so fitting my memory of that place and the lily as a link. Thank you, Nicodemas!

  2. very nice and touching… ❤ I love water-lilies… you may know this famous poem, I've translated it from French some time ago:

    Waterlily Corolla – Rainer Maria Rilke

    My whole life belongs to me, but whoever says so
    would deprive me of it, for it is infinite.
    The water’s shivers, the shade of the air
    are mine; all are still my life.
    No craving opens me up: I am full,
    I never shut myself with refusal –
    throughout the rhythm of my daily soul
    I want nothing, I am affected;
    by this movement, I carry on my empire,
    I make the evening dreams come true
    as my body is at the bottom of the water
    and I attract the beyond of mirrors…

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