On Their Wedding Day


It was the wind he noticed, as the wedding party arrived at her aunt’s house. It pushed his hair and he loved the way it played with her veil. Where would they be, after this beautiful fall day? He wondered.

The photographer put them through poses, especially up by the fence line. The groom was in awe, as the light of the sun, gently touched her face. He was filled, and yet struck with the awesome responsibility of loving her. Placing his arm around her proved, there was a divine. There was cake of course.

She was moving beyond living the dream. The strength of the two of them together was tangible. And yet, she was ready to so completely melt into his strength. She had never met anyone, that so wonderfully carried gentleness and strength together. They both yielded.

They were two young warrior hearts, already healed of scars. They would need that strength in the years ahead. Born of eagles, they would make it through though.

It was the light that carried them.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

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