Mental Health Awareness


Remembering the hospitals of years ago, and the horrors, she was scared at first to get treatment. But the doctors and her family seemed right. Was it true? Maybe her thoughts were more than just dreams, maybe she was too high. But she was torn and deeply saddened, by the reality that nothing had gone the way she planned, she cried often. Her spirit was broken into pieces.

But she borrowed strength, wanting to bless others, so she held onto her faith in God, through her tears, she took her medicine. But what she cherished most perhaps, were the visits and the hugs, from her family and church friends. And somehow deep inside she knew, it was going to be alright.

She knew deep down, she was loved.


Mental Illness Awareness Week is October 2-6th of this year, and September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Please bring love and hope to those with mental illness.

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Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

19 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness

  1. Mental illness is a huge issue for many afraid to seek help because of the stigma they feel is associated with it. An inspiring message Nico!

    1. Thank you Holly. You’re right the stigma is just awful. The Nami site speaks to this and is an excellent resource. So many need help, and need compassion instead of judgement. Peace to you my friend.

  2. Excellent post my friend. So sadden when I hear of one or the other. Suicide breaks my heart. As my friend who lost her older brother to its lie shares, “Its a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Thank you for posting.

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