The Healer’s Award


Have you ever read a post or article that really stands out as encouraging, and bringing some much needed light into our world? I’m sure we all have, but in this day of division and strife, we need more writing on healing, and hope. And so many people groups need reconciliation.

And we need to recognize those that write this way. Whenever I think of bloggers that encourage us and infuse us, with positivity, I think of Erika Kind. And today when I read her latest, on the causes for hate and strife, I thought of this award to recognize bloggers with this very special gift of encouragement and healing.

I have never invented an award before. Now I know what you’re thinking. Nico, you don’t accept awards so why would you create one?

 We really need hope and reconciliation in our world, and to recognize those who promote these ideas. I feel strongly about it.

So congratulations go to Erika Kind!

You can find her wonderful blog here:

What are the rules for this award? There are no rules.

Just nominate those bloggers who promote hope, healing, and reconciliation. You can use the photo above (cherry blossoms), or any image of flowers, which can be a wonderful symbol of hope and renewal!

Congratulations again Erika!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

20 thoughts on “The Healer’s Award

  1. The fact that you are not doing awards makes this award even more meaningful, Nicodemas. We all feel meaning in our lives when we are able to make a difference in this world. You make a huge difference in spreading your waves of loving energy and profound insights about the gift of life every single day! Now, that you consider me as the first of this most meaningful award, in my opinion, gives something to me that is hard to explain. I thank you from my heart for the difference you make and in showing so much heartfelt appreciation 💖

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments Erika. You deserve this award, for the ongoing work you do. May the One who made us continue to bless your creativity, and the encouragement you share. Peace to you and rich blessings.

      1. I am completely humbled, Nicodemas! Not kidding, I had tears in my eyes reading your post! I already scheduled the post for tomorrow! Thank you for being here and such a blessing to all of us!

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