We Healed Each Other


When we first met My Love, we not only fell in love, but for the first time

we accepted that we were loved. As if lightning struck us, we were dumbfounded

feeling now that we were somehow loveable. The truth sank deeply into

our spirits, and healing was established reigning in our lives.

So in a very real sense….. we healed each other, while

always thankful for the heavenly arrangement. 


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies


21 thoughts on “We Healed Each Other

  1. That is such an amazing insight and truth, Nicodemas. Meeting that one person we open up to trustfully and allowing love is healing itself. You have such beautiful ways to express this!

      1. You discovered a lot during the past few years and this changes the look and the priorities in everything…. most of all it leads closer to what love really is about!

      1. Tanveer I really enjoy your work, but I’m not able to right now. I have had some health issues, and my wife and I are helping a sick family member. Peace to you and blessings.

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