A Positive Flow


When we dream of green, and the flowers remaining, we can lift our spirits

instead of dreading the impending ice, that may cast us down.

There is the promise of sun regardless, and we can keep

flowing into the next season, filled clearly

with the positive.


Note: My wife and I have very busy over the past several weeks, working, and helping a family member with a difficult illness. It seems that we are pressed on every side, but especially with time. But I have been concentrating on writing, and in particular poetry, in order to stay in a positive flow. We are focusing on the life giving power of encouragement.

I have slowed down greatly on fiction, but have not forgotten it. It simply takes too much time right now. This is the exact opposite of my plans for writing, but that’s ok.

We are pressing forward each day. And in the meantime……the poetry flows.


Poetry, Commentary, and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

art by unknown artist


21 thoughts on “A Positive Flow

  1. I too find in these difficult times that writing helps. We are blessed especially when we help others through their difficulties. Sending prayers, blessing and lots of positive vibes your way. Thank you for sharing Nico!

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