At the Church in the Harbor


It was the same each week. She mainly went to church now to see him, even though he had been gone for such a long time. The fog in her aged mind was always hopeful though that somehow, in some way, she would see him there. She even sat in the same pew each week in hopes he would find her easily.

She was so tired lately, she usually feel asleep during the homily. Sometimes her head slumped over, onto her nurse’s shoulder. She tried not to snore, and she would wake herself up when she heard the noise.

Then there was one Sunday, she did wake up because she could feel his presence. She knew it was him, even before she looked. After all, when you’ve been married for 45 years you get to know a person’s spirit.

She turned to her left and there he was, at least part of him was. His spirit had a gray shape, but it was him for sure. He smiled at her.

The strange thing was, even though he didn’t quite have a body, she could see his one tooth was still missing – there on the left.

He took her hand now. And they began floating near the ceiling of the church, and suddenly they entered the most beautiful, and brilliant light she had ever seen.

And she felt great peace as they ascended, because he was still by her side.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

18 thoughts on “At the Church in the Harbor

  1. That is truly a connection far beneath this physical world. Two spirits as one…. so touching and beautiful! I can feel the closeness of them. Amazing how you wrote that!

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