The Creation Will Heal Us


May the strength of our autumn flowers, and the beauty of the mountains

lift us beyond the words of hate and insanity. The creation tells us

of the greater plan, a stronger peace, that will carry

our spirits beyond the sins of the political.

Creation will heal us when

we simply

breathe it in.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

26 thoughts on “The Creation Will Heal Us

    1. Yes it is bad, the worst. However we can encourage each other. I was trying to bring some positive with this poem, so your comments are very encouraging to me. Thank you Anna.
      Now as far as the election goes we really have to vote for Hillary. If she gets kicked out or in more legal trouble, then Tim Kaine can take over and he will probably restore us to something close to normal. Trump will be nothing but horrible and we know that. He will not be good for any of us. Hillary is smart and tough and sensible enough to lead. That’s just my opinion of course. Sometimes Christians get too boxed in with labels and we feel we have to vote for someone “conservative” at all costs, and that simply is not true.
      Peace to you and have a great week.

  1. I love the simplicity of your writing and the fact that you are pointing out the healing factor that nature bestows on a weary soul.


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