What I Used to Write…


By avoiding the leftover scars, I often wrote with the hawks

a heart filled with the mountains, eagle’s wings

and Native Americans running strong.

But Thunder Speaking doesn’t

live here now.


Songs of My Love will always lift me

and the oceans call, with a few older people

looking beyond the horizon.


But to be honest I wonder how many more poems

and how many more battles I can still face

without the mountains in my heart

and eagle’s wings unfolding.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies


26 thoughts on “What I Used to Write…

  1. impressive and emotional, Sir… admiration and respect…
    * * *
    @”Native Americans running strong…” – a few years ago, we spent 3 days in the Monument Valley Nat Park and we met Navajo families who invited us over, their living conditions, their generosity and hospitality did touch our hearts… ❤ I still have a small Kokopelli on my desk, a gift from a Navajo lady… last but not least: you may have read at my blog that I've adopted the 10 commandments of the Native Americans…

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