Up on the Ridge


Up on the ridge there was a hard wind, a removing our hats

kind of wind, while down below, ripples on the lake

did not contain the geese squabbling

over when they were going

to leave.



Poetry and Images © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies


14 thoughts on “Up on the Ridge

  1. wonderful lines & pix… btw, I love Fall, it’s been my favourite season since my childhood… 🙂
    * * *
    November colors are supposed to be those of the emotions and feelings… according to psychology statistics, our emotions are influenced and ‘controlled’ by the colors we see around us, on a screen or on a photo… thus, innocence, sweetness and femininity blend into shades of pink – from pastel to “flashy”… both violence and passion join together in shades of red – with a weak light… sociability is found in neutral hues, like ‘taupe’ color and orange, fantasy and eroticism in purple… the list is not exhaustive, of course! 🙂

    1. Fascinating! Merci Melanie. I never knew this about colors although I often speculated. Merci also for your continued encouragement. Fall is also my favorite season. Peace to you and rich blessings.

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