In an Earlier Time


In an earlier time, America was covered with forests, except for the Great Plains

and swamplands of Florida. People grew their own food, with nuts

and berries, and some corn, and as they loved each other, loved

their communities, taking care of each other, they were able

to spread their wings, taking in the Creator breathing,

and they were encouraged by the sun. It was

a beautiful time really,

simply beautiful.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

10 thoughts on “In an Earlier Time

  1. It was so simple. I still see hope for us. Just wish the landscape was still filled with trees & grasses. I visit the floor of the desert 🌵 each year & find such peace. The beauty remains inside of the beholder. Thanks for this loveliness.

    1. Thank you Golden for your wonderful comments! The desert sounds like a great place for quiet and meditation. I was actually born in the desert but I don’t remember anything about it. All we have now are old photographs. Peace to you and have a great weekend.

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