Something on My Heart


I have something on my heart I’d like to share. When I began blogging I did so for one reason, and that was because I love to write. Once I started though, a second reason for blogging developed. I was amazed at the wonderful art, poetry, fiction, and photography that is within this sphere of wordpress.

Your work amazes me. Your work inspires me. And since I am an older guy, and because I have from the very beginning received so much encouragement from others, I try to do the same in turn.

There have been times when my presence, or my leaving comments on a site, has been misinterpreted. And you know what? That hurts a great deal.

I have never been flirtatious, and I have never followed a blog for inappropriate reasons. I am a gentle, loving person, simply being friendly. Perhaps I was raised to be this way. And even though I am not perfect, I love my wife more than anyone on this planet. She is the love of my life, and I am not interested in anyone else.

In fact, if you are an attractive female, I thought 2-3, or maybe 4-5 times before I ever hit the follow button. Usually you liked my work, and then I checked out your site.

I have unfollowed sites that seem to focus on soft porn too much. Sometimes there is a fine line between art and the too risque (my opinion only). Yet, I try to remain open, and I purposely follow people that are very different from myself.

I have learned a great deal from you, regardless of your background or creed. One of my hobbies is to study cultures, and different faiths.

Unfortunately I know what slander can do, and so these words have been on my heart for some time.

Thanks for listening, and reading.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

39 thoughts on “Something on My Heart

  1. I love your work Nico. And it is very important to me that you read my work because I take poetry very seriously. All my regards to you and yours. Happy thanksgiving.

  2. I am so sorry you had to see the ‘dark side’ of blogging. Please know that I have always felt you to be honourable and gifted with a phrase. I look forward to reading your posts!

  3. Sir Nico, you’re a decent and respectful man, I do understand your point, as I’ve been through a quite similar situation – both at my blog and at my face-book page… I’ve always spammed, ignored and deleted all that kinda “stuff”… we all have priorities and emergencies in our real life, therefore no time or patience “to stumble over”… You’ve read my “about” page, I presume… 🙂
    * * *
    I’ll continue to drop by as often as possible with the same joy and friendly thoughts from across the huge “pond”… do go on writing, please and c u asap! cheers! 🙂

  4. Hello Nicodemas,
    I could never imagine how someone like yourself could ever be ‘mis-interpreted.’ That being said, it is also a sad reality that people can mis-read each others’ intent. Your writing and photography are always uplifting and pure, and I always look forward to them. All the best to you and Mrs. Nico from my husband and me 🙂 Blessings!

  5. There’s always one who destroys. I’ve looked forward to your posts they are beautiful, loving and full of thoughts of your wife, yes I know it’s her in your poems. I remember when it was Nicodemas plus three, and you changed it to Ancient Skies, your love of nature and you respect all our posts and give affirmation of our writing. Let there be peace and love in your heart for you are a beautiful spirit and your spirituality shines they your words!

    1. Elisabet thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your comments are strengthening and filled with positive thoughts. And thank you for your prayer – blessing I’m very blessed. Peace to you and rich blessings!

  6. Oh my! Every day I try to see positively into humanity, but there’s always one that has to do something to take away from you! Nicodemas you are a wonderful spiritual person, who cares and gives positive feedback to me and others, you make me feel all will be well! Get a senior moment and forget them you have us! Thank you for all your posting, may you be blessed today and everyday! Solitaire

  7. Don’t be hurt. People are people who all host a lesser enemy as well as a Heaven-high angel, and communicating in text only (I’ve found these 15 years publishing/posting in various venues online) can be dangerous for people! It happens.

  8. It is sad – when a simple act of smiling, or words of encouragement…. are misinterpreted by another. That we must ‘curb our hospitable kind selves to avoid slander. I wish you and your wonderful wife and family, the good blessings from above and His amazing peace.

  9. Oh that is a shame that someone has made it unpleasant for you! I can’t imagine what anyone could take issue with; your devotion to your wife is obvious and so lovely. Don’t let the trolls get you. Keep writing!

  10. I am sorry to hear you have been so misunderstood, Nicodemas. Don’t be discouraged. Light is always under attack from darkness. Your love for your wife (and faithfulness to her) show women scarred by less honorable men that good men do still exist.

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