A Hawk with Wings Extended


Have you ever seen a hawk with wings extended? Today for the second time in my life, a hawk came straight at me, eye level, a few feet away. They always come from the left, passing me by with their wings outstretched.

And they love giving me the eye. It is a sign?

Perhaps they are sensing another set of wings, that we are friends. But then again, that’s probably just wishful thinking.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

14 thoughts on “A Hawk with Wings Extended

  1. I undoubtedly know that you have a set of beautiful, golden wings that you just don’t see yet, but magical animals see with no issues 😋

  2. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. May be the hawk saw something in you that it recognized in itself, and was hoping that you would see the same in it. Maybe it’s as simple as the thing that all creation shares…our Oneness!

  3. I simply LOVE hawks, and we have lots here in Missouri, just driving down the highway even. I love the primal cry they make. Once or twice I caught sight of an eagle on the wing as well. So cool that you can have not only that experience, but that insight to go with it.

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