Turning to the Light


If there is healing within our wounds then there is hope

beyond what we can ever know, even

in the worst of times,

simply by turning – to the light.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies


30 thoughts on “Turning to the Light

    1. Yes! We do search and hope for the best, the good and right, but sometimes it is so dark the light can be difficult to find. Thank you Holly for your wonderful comments! Peace to you and rich blessings.

      1. Thank you Nico, for your inspiring and uplifting words, beautiful images, amazing poetry and kind an loving heart.

  1. If there is healing within our wounds than there is hope. What a profound statement!
    As I look at the scar on my knee healing it is a miracle how the body has the ability not just to heal the scar, but the fact that my knee was literally taken apart and put back together, and I will walk again with a better quality of life. It is a miracle beyond our understanding that sheds the light on the healing power within us. All we have to do is turn toward the light to see it. Wow! Thank you for this Nico!

    1. Connie I am humbled by your comments, thank you so much! I know you are looking forward to less pain. We all need to experience a healing like that, often internally. Peace my friend and be blessed every day!

  2. The process of healing needs a direction guided by a ray of hope to bring back sunshine definitely. So well written. Beautiful thoughts beautifully expressed.

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