Under the Weather


When our body is worn, our bones deeply imbedded with fog,

our spirits can be lifted, with encouraging words.


I have really been under the weather lately, feeling miserable (physically). When my wife tells me I need to take a break, I know it’s for real. So even though I have words stirring within, I will be visiting you less, just for a couple of days. And yes, My Love did fix me some wonderful chicken noodle soup! I’m a blessed man and I know it.

See you soon. Peace.


Writing, Poetry, and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

17 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. Sending you healing. For most taking a break fills their cup anew-for most. Just write your words on paper perhaps all these words will form a long poem. Sometimes taking a break what can be perceived as others as an addiction can be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps your wife is seeing something that you are not. Do yourself a favor take a break. WordPress and your followers will still be here. I know from experience. Be well and stay well.

  2. There are two strains of flu going around the Northeast. One is utterly vicious and the other is 1/164th kinder. Yes, rest. The words will come back, if they’re supposed to.

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