When It Snows Again My Love


When it snows again my love, I’ll cook us some eggs

in the morning, as we watch the huge flakes,

descending slowly as if

they were angels floating,

and as we cover

ourselves, with extra quilts

I’ll read to you

some of the ancient poets –

shall we start with Hafiz

or the saints of old?


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

19 thoughts on “When It Snows Again My Love

  1. you’re 2 loving angels… I’m hummin’ this wonderful song:

    “on dirait qu’on à tous un ange, – it seems that we all have an angel
    on dirait bien qu’c’est toi… – it seems that it’s YOU…
    on dirait que dans ce monde étrange, – it seems that in this strange world,
    on dirait que t’as toujours été là… – you’ve always been here…”(Amir)

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