As We Ignore the Wolf Speak


A pen, writing on a scroll with a scratching noise

as the prophet of old, wrote the words burning

through his veins, while wolves and beasts

of the night hovered not far away– hating

the beauty written and the paintings

delivered from above.


But no prophet ever quit because of doubting

providing us a lesson – to keep writing,

with laptops and phones on fire, painting

and posting our photographs given,

as we ignore the wolf speak

just outside our windows.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

Based on an earlier work.


13 thoughts on “As We Ignore the Wolf Speak

  1. Happy and Lovely Valentines Day Nico. What a Great post! you said it well.
    I’d just made the comment to a friend that I do not understand – how many, can choose to turn a blind eye.
    Pasting 24-7 smiles on, repeating: just be happy! its all great! This Nico… I do not get. Those who alert, who see The wolf, these are who get castigated. as it was. so it is now, it seems. Love will overcome, in the end. but I’d like some more of that, in the world, about now. lol thank you Nico for your post. Peace, love, good tidings to you. and cheers, Debi 🙂

    1. Thank you Debi for your amazing and kind words! Yes love will get us through, and His eternal love is especially important. I think there is a way to balance being positive, and realistic though it is not easy. I’m very blessed by your comments. Peace to you my friend, and great blessings.

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