Beholding the Forgiveness


As the temperatures climb, our hearts begin to race as we run

to the cherry blossoms, beholding the forgiveness

of our mother earth as we are embraced by

life itself, and everything green

in spite of our hatred

for each other.

Have mercy.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

16 thoughts on “Beholding the Forgiveness

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  2. Hi ancient skies.
    I’m not intending of be offensive to you, so please don’t perceive that.

    After your comment to me previously, I perceived that you were a Christian, and the forgiveness you associated with cherry blossoms had me puzzled. I’m being sincere.

    Help me to understand please my friend.

    1. Hi Lee, no offense taken. I am working on a more faith based site, where I do quote Scripture but I don’t here. This is a site for everyone to feel welcome. I’m very blessed by the many people that follow my site that are very different from me. I do write/speak in a metaphorical sense. I share in a way that tells a story, at least that is my goal. My example in this is C.S. Lewis writing fiction. I write poetry in order to share beauty, and concepts that hopefully reach people. People on my site can see my faith that way. I do share more overtly sometimes, for instance my poem that will be posted this morning is called My Faith III (two written previously). I never feel the urge to preach. Thank you again for writing.

  3. Thank you ancient skies.
    I discovered C.S. Lewis via Andrew Farley. His book “operation screwtape” was enjoyable. I listened to it on Amazon’s audible audio book.
    And I’m eager to enjoy your faith article.
    Grace and peace to you.

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