Are Daffodils Always Yellow My Love?


Are daffodils always yellow My Love?

I thought I saw a white one, and I love

how they rise all at once,

a strong army, as if to say,

“The tyranny of winter is over.”


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

13 thoughts on “Are Daffodils Always Yellow My Love?

  1. Seeing daffodils is a sure sign that yes, winter can kindly bugger off now, warmer weather please! 🙂 They always seem to crop up in bunches (or as you say, ‘an army’).

  2. daffodils are so much associated with William Wordsworth 🙂 very good post as usual Nico brother ji.
    God is so merciful and kind that He has given seasons to enjoy and benefit and differentiate the heat, cold, rain and fragrance and freshness of Spring. Thank you Allah , you are so understanding and loving

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