In the Sacred Moments


In the sacred moments, of two people in love,

in the listening to each other’s hearts

there is always hope. There is the light

most beautiful.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies



14 thoughts on “In the Sacred Moments

  1. impressive and emotional… ❤
    * * *
    from my Facebook page:"love is not a feeling, it’s a committed action, an emotional investment – always directed outward…"

    "If you truly love someone, you’ll be who you need to be for that person. Your thoughts will be directed toward their happiness, not how they can make you happy. Your creativity will be towards creating meaningful experiences for them. It’s not about you. Love is not fundamentally directed toward something outside oneself. An over-focus on yourself keeps you stuck in your head and worried about your own feelings, rather than out in the world doing good. Love is powerful enough to make hard and sometimes irrational decisions, to commit to something for the long-haul, to learn things and acquire skills, to change you into someone more and better than you currently are… If you invest yourself in a relationship, you’ll love that person, since love is not a feeling, it’s a committed action, an emotional investment – always directed outward. Passion does fade, but love only becomes more powerful, regardless of the outcome, as it is THE highest of all human motivations."(Benjamin P. Hardy)

    1. Wow, I love this! Merci Melanie for these beautiful thoughts. Yes love is a committed action. There is a great deal of truth in Mr Hardy’s words. Peace to you and your family my friend.

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